Welcome to BirdBrains, Inc.

BirdBrains, Inc. offers a wide array of products for the discerning bird community. Let us help you alleviate life’s little #birdens to make your day just a little bit better.

Whether you are a take-charge, direct, results-oriented Eagle, a social, talkative, optimistic Parrot, a supportive, caring, and empathetic Dove, or a detailed, analytical, and questioning Owl, BirdBrains, Inc. has products for you.

We brought in filmmakers to capture a day-in-the-life at BirdBrains, Inc. And what a day they captured! 

We let our birds do what they do best.


Our Eagles get results by bringing new products to market in a timely manner. They fly high and fast and make things happen.


Our Parrots share stories about our products and their value. They exude enthusiasm and raise spirits higher.


Our Doves empathize with our customers and ensure that their safety and wellbeing always come first. They fly cooperatively and respect all birdkind.


Our Owls ensure that we plan, test, and retest to achieve high quality. They examine the details to make sure we do things right.

See our reinvented way to learn about the four Bird styles

For the first time ever, see the Bird styles in action. We made a 30-minute theatrical short movie where the Eagle, Parrot, Owl and Dove tap into the power of their personality. Our new movie, BirdBrains, Inc. offers a “day in the life” of our Birds for the ultimate DISC learning experience. 

Discover our best in-class bird products


Is that a worm on that rock? Will I hit that branch in a g-dive? Did that chameleon change colors to avoid a lengthy conversation with me? Our classic product has been reimagined for the discerning birds of today. They may not help you see into the future, but almost. Extend your keen bird eyesight with BirdBinocs, now with Bluetooth and wireless charging.

Wing Extenders

Fly higher, farther, and faster. Super durable Wing Extenders come in a variety of colors and sizes. With Wing Extenders, you gain strength through flexibility. User discretion is advised. BirdBrains, Inc. is not responsible for reckless flying and/or use above or below recommended altitudes. Always wear protective gear when flying your Wing Extender. For bird ages 16+.

Mood Wings

Want everyone to know what you’re feeling without asking? Pop on BirdBrains patent-pending Mood Wings. Mood Wings tell your fellow birds when you need alone time, when you need a feather to cry on, and when you are emotionally down for whatever. This a perfect gift for that Dove in your life.

The Awards Keep Coming!

The IndieFest Film Festival just selected BirdBrains, Inc. as one of the 10 best movies in 2023. The film also received their Award of Excellence in three categories:

  • Film Short
  • Educational/Instructional/Training film
  • Narration/Voiceover Talent.

Global Film Festival Awards

We received more awards from a film festival that received thousands of submissions!

  • Award of Excellence Special Mention. for  Educational / Instructional / Training.
  • Award of Excellence for Film Short
  • Award of Excellence for Narration / Voiceover Talent.

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The Wing Extenders have helped me to recapture the speed of my youth. I haven’t flown this fast in years!

– Dodge the Eagle

I like everything that BirdBrains, Inc. creates. Their products are fun and work great. Thank you! You’re the best!

– Ivy the Parrot

The BirdBinocs have already helped me on three occasions to spot danger that I didn’t know existed. These are the perfect gift for those who want to see more clearly.

– Carlos the Owl

Love, love, love the Mood Wings. It warmed my heart to share these with the birds in my life.

– Sandy the Dove

“We took our team through BirdBrains, Inc. training and we saw faces on those puppets, our faces, and the people we work with.”

– Keith Durham
Grady School